Sunday, August 27, 2017

Floyd Mayweather Heads To Strip Club After McGregor Fight To Celebrate Win

Floyd Mayweather is celebrating victory over Conor McGregor in a strip club. The boxing legend dashed off to his after-party at Girl Collection – the Las Vegas club he owns – straight after his press conference. The club only opened recently but Mayweather is a frequent visitor judging by its Instagram page, which includes a video of him wheeling out stacks of cash.

Other pictures on the club’s page include some of the employees – and more piles of cash.

He talked about his post-fight plans last week on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

“The after party’s going to be at my strip club,” he said. “We have a collection of the prettiest girls from around the world.”

He also added that he hasn’t had a lap dance in decades.

“The last time I had a lap dance was 20 years ago. I don’t have to get a dance because i own a strip club.” “I got into the business because br*asts, v@ginas, music and alcohol will never go out of style.”

After that, a good night’s sleep? Apparently not, as he is scheduled to play basketball tomorrow.

Journalist Arash Markazi said on Twitter: “Floyd Mayweather is planning to arrive at his strip club around 3 a.m. tonight before playing in a charity basketball game tomorrow at UNLV.”

McGregor will host his own after-party at Encore Beach Club on the Las Vegas Strip.

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